European Lighting
Cluster Alliance
for Internationalisation


CLUSTER LUMIERE, the first of its kind in France, has a mission to promote competitiveness, cooperative businesses and international development in the sector.
Cluster Lumière numbers more than 170 companies and organizations like laboratories, manufacturers, engineers, lighting installers and designers…


LUCE IN VENETO (LIV) is a regional lighting cluster coordinating the Venetian Smart Lighting Regional Innovation Network consisting of 75 SMEs in the lighting sector based mainly in the Veneto Region, of which 45 are cluster’s direct associates.


CICAT is the Lighting Spanish Cluster and its aim is to improve competitiveness in the lighting sector both now and in the future to deal successfully with the fundamental changes affecting its business environment. Currently it works actively with more than 40 companies.

Lighting has evolved

Lighting has evolved to become one of the most vital aspects of any design project and a highly-revered agent in the branding of any development. Without lighting, it wouldn’t be possible to present the fourth dimension of space in a visual manner which we are now accustomed to seeing and experiencing. Lighting SMEs are trying to capture different market segments through product diversification and technological advancements but the global lighting market is highly competitive and fragmented, dominated by a bunch of large multinational companies.

The main objective of this proposal is to intensify the collaboration of the European lighting industry clusters across borders and establish the European Strategic Cluster Partnership – ELCA4i European Lighting Cluster Alliance for Internationalisation to lead international cluster cooperation in fields of strategic interest for lighting SMEs companies towards five third countries USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

ELCA4i Strategic Cluster Partnership will leverage its clusters internationalization potential through comprehensive joint internationalization strategy development process covering mutual knowledge and trust-building, target third-countries market intelligence gathering, knowledge and capacity building and C2C and B2B matchmaking and cross-fertilization.

ELCA4i clusters aim to create better conditions and mechanisms for their lighting companies to innovate, grow, and compete at a global level. Supporting SMEs in taking a proactive approach to internationalization in the third country markets, making them more strategic in foreign markets deployment, more self-confident but judicious and more successful in the new markets entrance process.



    Total area: 377.975 km2
    Population: 125.960.000
    Lighting market (2018): 5.100M USD
    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%

  • USA


    Total area: 9.833.520 km2
    Population: 328.239.523
    Lighting market (2018): 8.820M USD
    CAGR (2019-2024): 12,6%



    Total area: 9.984.670 km2
    Population: 38.008.005
    Lighting market (2018): 5.214M USD
    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%



    Total area: 2.233.290 km2
    Population: 44.108.569
    Lighting market (2018): 3.200M USD(*)
    CAGR (2019-2024): 15%(*)
    (*) statistics refer to MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa).

  • USA

    Total area:  9.833.520 km2

    Population:  328.239.523

    Lighting market (2018): 8.820 milions USD

    CAGR (2019-2024): 12,6%



    Total area:  9.984.670 km2

    Population:   38.008.005

    Lighting  market (2019):  5.214milions USD

    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%



    Total area:  377.975 km2

    Population:   125.960.000

    Lighting  market (2018):  5.100 milions USD

    CAGR (2019-2024): 2,1%


    United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia (*)

    Total area:  2.233.290 km2

    Population:   44.108.569

    Lighting  market (2018):  3.200 milions USD (*)

    CAGR (2019-2024): 15% (*)

    (*) statistics refer to MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa)